White Tea Products

White tea is known for its high polyphenol content. 

All three types of tea (white, green, and black) are from the same plant Camillia sinensis and differ in the way they are processed.  White tea is sourced from buds and leaves and minimally processed.  The buds are dried in natural sun and not fermented.  White tea is named "white" because the unopened tea buds have silvery-white "hairs" on them.  Brewed white tea is not white--it is more a golden or green color.  Green tea is made from leaves of the Camillia sinensis with minimal oxidation during processing.  Black tea leaves are more oxidized, have a stronger flavor, and retain their flavor much longer than the more delicate white and green teas.  

White Tea Restorative Emulsion has a buttery texture that melts into your skin and can be used for your face and body.  Currently, this emulsion is available in 16-oz and 8-oz sizes.  THIS PRODUCT IS DELICATE AND DOES NOT DO WELL IN HOT WEATHER.  THEREFORE, IT DOES NOT SHIP MAY-SEPTEMBER!  Thanks for your understanding!

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White Tea Restorative Emulsion - 8 oz

This emulsion with organic white tea and calendula tinctures is especially effective for skin after exposure to sun, wind, or harsh environmental conditions. DOES NOT SHIP MAY - SEPTEMBER.