Hydrosols are gentle mists from the essential oil distillation process. Hydrosols are a coproduct of steam distillation of essential oils and are treasured for their gentleness. Their aroma is mild, calming, soothing-and they grow on you the more you use them. They retain many of the essential oil properties-those that are water soluble-and are safe for children and animals. Therapeutic grade hydrosols need to be stored in a cool, dark place as they contain no preservatives. Everyone has heard of witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana)-and witch hazel is a good example of a hydrosol.

Here are some suggested ways to use hydrosols:

  • Skin, skin, skin--dry skin, mature skin, after a facial
  • Spray Peppermint hydrosol in your mouth for dryness
  • Spray on scrapes
  • Mist your hair
  • Freshen linens
  • Smell just to give yourself a lift
  • Add to bath water
  • Spritz a small amount into your drinking water for a treat
  • Add to desserts, parstries, cakes, or salad dressing
  • Especially moisturizing for air or land travel
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Rose Hydrosol, organic

Rose hydrosol smells like a fresh rose and is moist and cooling with a delicate, ethereal aroma
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