Hair Skin & Nails Oil Elixir - 1 oz

A multi-use oil for daily improvement on hair, skin & nails

This light and silky synergystic blend of fine carrier and essential oils is convenient for daily use anytime you need it.

Antioxidant-rich Jojoba helps protect nails, while Argan oil is known for its nourishing properties including Vitamins A and E.  These vitamins benefit both hair and skin.  And then there is Camellia oil with its gentle, lightly aromatic bliss--the oil from the tea plant.  It is appropriate for moisturizing skin and protecting it against the sun and acts as a natural conditioner for hair health.

This blend has Basil, Helichrysum, Neroli, Vetiver, and Lemon essential oils.  Basil was chosen because it is a decongestant and anti-inflammatory oil for kidneys--and, in Chinese medicine, the kidney system governs hair on the head.  Helichrysum helps with fine lines, skin tone and texture, as well as dark spots.  Moisturizing skin is Neroli's purpose in this blend.  Vetiver helps firm skin and reduces dark spots while it calms your mind with its earthy scent.  Lemon is ideal for nails because it is good for maintaining liver health, and nails are governed by the liver system.

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