2018 Winter Special


Happy Holidays!


The Holiday Season is nigh—and I wish you grace and happy memories. Celebrate life and be thankful for even the smallest of joys. Ours is a world in upheaval as we strive to express our individuality and grow together. If only we felt love in our hearts and banished ill will toward others. With the mirror effect, what we put out comes back to us.

I ask you to look at your life beyond family and friends and realize you are an important part of our world’s existence. If we can expand our thinking to a larger scale, perhaps it will push our limited perspective beyond ourselves.

If Earth changes, grows, or suffers, the humans do likewise. It is wise always to praise Earth and to thank Earth for life and beauty. Simply said, give thanks to Earth each day—for without Earth your soul’s experience in growth and wakening would not be possible at this pace.*

Love & Light,

Love & Light,

*excerpt from my Blog www.thepurplebamboo.com

Winter 2018 Specials are available November 1 - December 25, 2018

Or while supplies last...

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Orange Light Set

Fresh citrus notes of Mandarin...
$36.00 $28.00

Silver Light Set

Light, balsamic, grassy, herbal...
$36.00 $28.00

Exfoliating Facial Spa Set

A gentle facial exfoliator for all skin types plus an organic rose hydrosol spray.
$26.00 $20.00

Mini-Body Gift Set

Mini-Body Gift Set: Lavender Body Crème, Peppermint Body Crème, and Lemon Hand & Foot Crème.
$24.00 $15.00

5Mint Spa Soap - 4.5-5.5 oz

Five refreshing and uplifting essential oils from the mint family

Lavender Ice Spa Soap - 4.5-5.5 oz

Organic lavender and refreshing peppermint with big, foamy lather

Lavender Orange Spa Soap - 4.5-5.5 oz

Lavender and Orange make a soothing and beautiful soap.

Lemon Bar Spa Soap - 4.5-5.5 oz

Lemon Bar Spa Soap is guaranteed to bring a little sunshine to your day and a big smile to your face! It leaves your skin soft with a fresh, clean aroma.

Luscious Lavender Spa Soap - 4.5-5.5 oz

Organic lavender is fragrant with romantic, staying power in this handcrafted soap.

Oatmeal Peppermint Spa Soap - 4.5-5.5 oz

Oatmeal Peppermint makes a thick "shaving cream" lather.

Oil of Lime Spa Soap - 4.5-5.5 oz

Oil of Lime Spa Soap has a big lather and leaves your skin with a fresh scent.

So Sensual Spa Soap - 4.5-5.5 oz

So Sensual Spa Soap is for patchouli lovers! The aroma is a magical combination of Patchouli and Geranium.

Vetiver Exotica Spa Soap - 4.5-5.5 oz

This enticing soap is a romantically subtle and relaxing blend for your heart and soul. Vata constitutions especially benefit with maintaining energy and creative characteristics.